How to Resolve “The Operation Could Not Be Completed Error 0x00000709”?


Trying to set up and install the default printer? Getting an error message that "the operation could not be completed error 0x00000709"? Well, if you are also facing the same problem then you are at the right place. Here, in this blog, you will get the solution to resolve this issue with your printer. Scroll down to know the solution to the problem.

Most of the users have complaints that they are not able to set up their default printer. Whenever they are trying to set up their printer they get an error message that this operation could not be completed. To resolve this issue, the first thing that needs to be done is to check your printer's name and ensure that your printer is connected to the network properly. While you are facing this type of issue, you cannot set up and install your default printer but you can print the documents from WordPad or Notepad. Also, you would not print the document from Excel, MS Word, or from any other software program that you select as the default printer for the printing process.

Procedure to Resolve the Operation Could Not Be Completed Error 0x00000709

The solution is very simple and easy to fix "the operation could not be completed error 0x00000709" issue. You only need to follow the below instructions step by step to resolve this issue efficiently. There is permission in the system registry that permits the user to set up the default printer and this may be the reason due to which you are unable to do so. Look at the below steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to tap on the Start button and then type Regedit. Press on the Enter button.

  2. If you see the User Account Control option then click on the Yes button.

  3. In the next steps, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWindows under the Registry Editor option. After that, you will be able to see the screen.

  4. Now, right-click on the Windows folder which displays on the left side of the panel. Tap on permissions.

  5. Tap on the Add button.

  6. Go to the object name field and then type "everyone". Tap on the Check Names button.

  7. Once you click on the check names button, you will see that the "everyone user" will become the verified user. Tap on the OK button to proceed further.

  8. Now, you will see that "everyone users" has been added to the list.

  9. Select "everyone" user and click on the full control checkmark under the allow.

  10. After that, you will see the other checkbox. Click on the "read" checkmark.

  11. At last, tap on the Apply button to save all the changes made by you.

  12. Tap on the Ok button to go ahead.

  13. Close the Registry Editor from your system and restart your computer.

That's All! Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will help you in troubleshooting the operation could not be completed error 0x00000709 issue without any hassle.

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